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I am tortured, ever tortured [entries|friends|calendar]

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A Fond Farewell to a friend [21 Oct 2006|10:32pm]

"it's like the happy parts won't matter if there's no negative space for them to stand out against, you know?"

R.I.P., Elliott baby

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I stole Benny's hearts//My favorite poem again [09 Jun 2006|04:10pm]

Raw With Love//Charles Bukowski
little dark girl with
kind eyes
when it comes time to
use the knife
I won't flinch and
i won't blame  
as I drive along the shore
as the palms wave,
the ugly heavy palms,
as the living does not arrive
as the dead do not leave,
i won'tb lame you,
i will remember the kisses
our lips raw with love
and how you gave me
everything you had
and how I
offered you what was left of
and I will remember your small room
the feel of you
the light in the window
your records
your books
our morning coffee
our noons our nights
our bodies spilled together
the tiny flowing currents
immediate and forever
your leg my leg
your arm my arm
your smile and the warmth
of you
who made me laugh
little dark girl with kind eyes
you have no
knife.the knife is
mine and i won't use it

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[16 Apr 2006|07:14pm]
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Saw this posted elsewhere and I decided I must play too! [28 Oct 2005|02:36pm]

I can only photoshop Katie and Tony Danza for so long...

and I feel like being a hermit this whole weekend.


● Pick a random number from 1 to 7353 (the # of songs in my playlist)

● I'll pick the song on my playlist that corresponds to the number and upload it. If you already have it, just tell me and pick another number and I'll upload that song.

● Afterwards, put this in your journal and do the same.

● You know what, if you want to post multiple numbers, go ahead...because yeah, I think I'm gunna stay in tonight.

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[07 Apr 2005|09:30pm]
Yes I am stupid and had to be reminded that people cannot leave anonymous posts on that entry, so,

tell me a secret here!

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[07 Nov 2004|02:06pm]
RECOMMEND A SONG I SHOULD DOWNLOAD. Or more than one, even better
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[02 Aug 2004|11:59pm]
Reason for LJ username:
AIM sn:
Reason for AIM sn:
Do you enjoy reading my LJ:
Interesting fact about you:
Weird fact about you:
Will you post this in your LJ:


A movie:
A book:
A musical artist, song, or album:
An LJ user not on my friends list:
Something to do in the next two months:
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It had to be done [11 Feb 2004|08:11pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Friends Only

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